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Feeling your best, just got better!

The person you’ve relied on at Gwinnett’s Progressive Healthcare for Women is now bringing you even more ways to take charge of your health. Places South is empowering women by enhancing their confidence and quality of life.

Meet Dr. Pecht

Simple, Safe & Proven

Each treatment at Places South is designed and tested to be a quick, comfortable, and an effective experience.  We’re proud to give you the chance to feel like yourself again – with minimal downtime, gentle recovery, and effective treatments.

MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch®

A fractional laser. A fraction of your time.

Impactful results that address your concerns over your gynecological health. MonaLisa Touch implements the latest innovations in laser technology to provide relief of unwanted gynecological changes, boosting your confidence, comfort, and bringing back your Mona Lisa smile.

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Restore balance to your hormones.

BioTe® hormone replacement therapy can help you get back to feeling your best. A personalized, easy, and effective treatment for regulating hormones and restoring balance to your body.

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TempSure Envi

TempSure Envi

Two Words- Radio Frequency!

This treatment is a zero-downtime option for improving skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, and cellulite. No needles, no bruising, just gently delivered waves that stimulate your body’s own collagen production.

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TempSure Vitalia

TempSure Vitalia

TempSure Envi’s intimate sidekick.

This radio frequency treatment is specially designed to restore fullness, moisture, and sensation to labial and vulvar tissue. All bodies change over time, but unwanted changes aren’t something you have to learn to live with. Vitalia can help.

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Our Products



Feeling is everything. überlube is a product that’s all about helping you feel and be your best.



A plant-derived menopausal hot flash relief. Estrovera provides relief for multiple menopausal symptoms.



A female libido support that is formulated to promote libido in women.


UltraFlora Women’s

A targeted support supplement to help maintain a healthy vaginal microflora and support urogenital health.