Our Mission

Places South is dedicated to enhancing the lives of women through direct, progressive, compassionate and specialized services for women. We encompass multiple avenues of non-invasive vaginal treatments, face and body treatments, and complementary product lines to further enhance the efficacy of our treatments.


Denise Pecht, MD

Dr. Denise Pecht has invested her 25-year career to bringing women progressive gynecological and genitourinary care. Legend has it that a potential patient once told Dr. Pecht she didn’t need a gynecologist, waving her off because she was “past all that.” True to her no-nonsense form, Dr. Pecht famously replied that regardless of age, “you still have a vagina.” This is elemental in understanding Dr. Pecht, her passion for women’s health, and her carefully selected treatment options. Straightforward, compassionate, even a bit cheeky from time to time, she has built her practice around being not just an MD, but an advocate, a caretaker, and a leader. Women don’t cease to need care and compassion after menopause -in fact, the opposite is often true. The mission for Dr. Pecht and Places South is to provide care, comfort, and confidence to women at this dynamic stage of life.

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Specialized Care

Places South focuses on restorative vaginal, face, and body treatments through use of technology from MonaLisa Touch, TempSure Vitalia, and TempSure Envi. MonaLisa Touch restores moisture and elasticity to the vagina, relieving common troublesome symptoms of menopause. TempSure Vitalia stimulates collagen, restoring fullness and vitality to the labia and vulvar tissues. TempSure Envi is a radio frequency laser that aids in diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite for the face and body. We also offer a range of hand-selected personal care items to further enhance the experience and results of our services.

Our Team

Keely Rose

Keely Rose


Britt Sawyer

Britt Sawyer

Director of Marketing

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Kay Johnson

Office Administrator

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Our Services

MonaLisa Touch®

No pain, all gain. Restore your confidence with a Fractional Laser treatment that addresses unwanted changes in your gynecological health.

TempSure Envi

Two Words- Radio Frequency! This treatment is a zero-downtime option for improving skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, and cellulite.

TempSure Vitalia

Envi’s intimate sidekick, this radio frequency treatment is specially designed to restore fullness, moisture, and sensation to labial and vulvar tissue.